1.    Are you licensed?

We sure are!  We have a business license and several contractors’ licenses.  Please see our Licensing and Insurance Page (click here) for more details!

2.    Are you insured?

We sure are!  We have liability and Worker’s Comp. Again, please see our Licensing and Insurance Page (click here) for more details!

3.    Are you part of a franchise?

Because we have developed such a well run system with great customer reviews, people often assume we are part of a franchise.  Actually, we are a family run company.  We pride ourselves on personal relationships we build with our professional team and our clients, but no, we are not a franchise.

4.    What forms of payment are accepted by One Call Home Team?

We prefer payment by personal check. Don’t forget, we also offer One Call Home Team Gift Cards, and we also accept major Debit/Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).  We will also accept cash payments.

5.    How long will my One Call Home Team estimate be valid? 

All estimates generated by One Call Home Team will be valid for up to 30 days from date of proposal, with a rare exception.  Our estimates are based on providing necessary building materials at the current retail market prices for the date of estimation.  In the rare event that the building material’s market experiences a sudden and sharp documented inflationary increase, greater than 5% (such as that experienced after a major national or regional disaster), and that increase affects the price for some or all off the materials necessary to complete the scope of work outlined on your estimate, you will be notified in writing and the cost of your estimate will increased accordingly.

6.    Once an estimate is accepted and I award my project to One Call Home Team, can I change or add items to      my original agreement? EX: Can I expand my deck project from 12’ wide to 16’ wide?

Absolutely, you are free to make changes at any time. But remember, changes generally cost less to implement before work has begun.

For changes to a scope of work in process - Before any new additional work is initiated, the additional work requested/added (outside the parameters of the original agreement) by the property owner, must be agreed upon in writing (or email) and paid for upon completion of the added work.  Either a signed field request must be given to your assigned One Call Home Team Residential Services Specialist, only; or the request must be emailed to your specialist. 

7.    How can Homeowners, sellers and realtors avoid losing a sale because of alarming issues revealed by their home inspection?

Avoid the disappointment, surprise and risk of losing a qualified buyer’s contract by having a home analyzed before the inspection, or even before a house goes on the market. If concerns are found, it is best to remedy them before your house goes on the market and especially before the official home inspection.

8.    What if a homeowner, seller, or realtor is already facing a failed home inspection? 

Provide confidence and assurance to most buyers by having a licensed professional correct these problems and provide written documentation of the corrections made. 

9.    Am I allowed the option to provide my own materials

Again, Absolutely!  We will be glad to install any items you provide. We will warranty the installation, but if the product fails, any customer supplied item’s repair is between the customer and the item’s manufacturer.

Please keep in mind, once these items are properly installed by One Call Home Team, and reinstallation is required because you  find a failure or flaw in the fixture or the material, a reinstallation charge will be incurred.

10.    What happens if fixtures/building materials, included in my comprehensive estimate, are provided and   installed by One Call Home Team, but found to be defective, or otherwise improperly installed? 

We stand behind what we provide and install.  Any fixtures/building material(s) furnished by One Call Home Team, will be properly installed as per contract/additional work order.  If these fixtures/building materials are defective or not installed properly, they will be reinstalled/replaced at no additional charge. 

11.    Can I select specific (styles/colors/brand/features/etc) fixtures/building materials that are included in the price of my comprehensive project estimate? 

Yes, you always have the freedom and final choice to select what we install.  In the process of evaluating your project, your assigned One Call Home Team Residential Services Specialist will discuss with you what choices you would like to make, and then budget for those items in the final estimate.

12.    What happens if I select an item needed for my project, one that is included, as described above,  as part of my comprehensive project estimate, and I either change my mind or I simply don’t like it once it is installed?

Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction. We will be happy to replace/reinstall any items we provide and you select.  Once we’ve properly installed the item(s) you selected, then you decide that you’d rather have something else installed instead, we will be happy to meet your request and will initiate an additional work order as described above.

13.    What if my agreement with One Call Home Teams includes some items that I provide but that I can’t deliver on-site? 

We understand that some items you agree to provide may be too large, heavy, or inconvenient for you have brought on site at the point of installation readiness.  We will be happy to arrange for pick-up/delivery of these items.  A minimum delivery fee may be charged.

Please also note:  As a service to our valuable clients we are happy to arrange for pick-up/delivery for these items and we will take the utmost care to provide save delivery; However One Call Home Team is not responsible for damage to any delivered item(s) not originally purchased/provided by One Call Home Team. 

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